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December 4th - ITC Sourthern Championships.

On Saturday 4th December The ITC Southern Open competition takes place. Registration is at 9:30 for a 10:00am start and entry forms must be returned to Noel by 13th November. The venue is at St Joesph's Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon, SN3 3LR.

Entry for our students is £22 and spectators are £5 per ticket (under 5s are free).
Entry forms can be downloaded below, please complete and return to Noel.

Entry Form Click Here
Weight Cateegories Information Click Here

This will be our first tournament as Master Downer's School of TaeKWon-Do, looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks, Noel.

Black Belt and 1st Kup Training Session.

There will be a Black Belt and 1st Kup training session, Tomorrow Saturday 9th October between 12 noon and 2pm at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre ( Fiddlers Wood Ln, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 9BS).

This session is focussed on grading preparation for the Black Belt grading in November and to support then Spring Gradings.It will cost £10 and is open to all Dan grades and 1st Kup students. It is not compulsory for the grading but will help ensure that you get the best support in preparation for the grading.

The next Black Belt Grading will take place on Saturday 6th November at Ashton Park School (Blackmoors Ln, Bower Ashton, Bristol BS3 2J). Arrive for 2:30pm. Forms are available this week to apply for the grading. Between the challenges of the pandemic and the holiday season there has been very little time to prepare for this so please speak to Noel if you wish to apply for the November grading.

Thanks, Noel.

Grading 16th September.

We will have our first coloured belt grading on Thursday 16th September at St Werburgh's Primary, Mogg Street ( see training page for location ). We are fortunate to have Master John McNally joining us alongside Master Noel Downer for the grading.

Master John McNally is one of the founding members of the ITC and we will have a short seminar along and meet and greet exercise at the end of the grading so that students and parents alike can meet each other and John. The seminar will last approximately 30 minutes and is open to all students, and their families.

Students that are grading should arrive before 5:30pm and ideally will all be wearing the new doboks, subject to getting them prior to the grading. If you are not grading but are able to attend the seminar and meet and greet then you can arrive at 5:30 to watch the grading or at 6:30pm for the meet and greet.

Thanks, Noel.

New Juniors Sessions

We have updated our lesson times and got a great new location. Tuesday and Thursday sessions will now be held at the Silver Birch Site of St Werburgs' primary, just two roads dowm from the Willow site. This larger location allows us to run classes slightly earlier to better address the needs of our Junior members and so there will now be sessions at 5:30-6:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday just before the main classes.
Thanks, Noel.

See our training page for full lesson details.

Message From Noel - The Future Of Our Club

Club members, students and instructors please follow this link to read the full message from Noel. It is important that all students take action by the 29th of June and let Noel know what your prefernces are and complete the enrolement form that is linked here.
Thanks, Noel.

Full message about the future of the club.
Student Enrolment Form

Training Resumes
Welcome Back! With the easing of lockdown rules, in association with the BTC guidance we are able to resume our training sessions now. We will be resuming our training at two new venues- The Hideout in St Judes and St Werburgs primary. See our training page for further detail. I'm looking forward to seeing you all back at training so if you are still in the game lets get back to it. See you at one of the Venues - Lets Get Bigger and Stronger!
Thanks, Noel.

Saturday 6:15pm, Sunday 11:15pm - The Hideout, BS5 0TS ( more details.... )
Tuesday 7:00pm, Thursday 7:00pm - St Werburgs Primary, BS2 9US ( more details.... )