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Message From Noel - The Future Of Our Club

Dear student

After 28 year with the TAGB I am about to embark on a new Journey. Covid was and still is a body blow together with the closure of the Academy. I have been diverted along a new path, one that will be a more adventurous and exciting.

As you all know everything I have done has and will continue to look out for my students. With the way things have gone over the past 15 months and no help from the TAGB my Journey has guided me in a new direction to continue the 2nd chapter of our Journey. Something I should have done 15 years ago when I was a 4th Dan. I would love for you guys to start this new chapter with me.

If you are currently not training and would like to resume, some people will be hesitant being away for so long. Black belts can return and train twice per week for 18 months and grade.

Some of you didn’t like to do all the compulsory things laid down by the TAGB, where we are venturing to, you choose what you want to it will not hinder you from next grading or add extra time on.

Your grades will be legitimate as the TAGB and recognised world wide. If you renewed your licence recently you will get a valid licence for a year in replacement at no cost to you. However if you only have a month or two left before renewal then you pay a small part of the renewal.

If you are one of my Instructors I hope that you will be around to help in the advancement of our new club group.

I will be looking to open up clubs all over the Bristol area and need my instructors to instruct once everything opens back fully.

However if anyone wants to remain with the TAGB please let me know a.s.a.p so I can re-house you with another instructor as I hold your records since you started with me.

Please click here for the student enrolement form to be completed and returned to me before the 29th June so I can get you licensed and insured to ensure you are continually compliant.

Master Noel Downer